Thursday, April 17, 2014

Prayer flag project giveaway!

Sometimes the world is just so strangely tiny. In February, Vivika De Negre, editor at Interweave/Quilting Arts, and I were working on the details of filming my DVD for them and concurrently, I was asking a bunch of strangers via social media to sew some prayer flags for me with my new fabric collection, PAINT, for Windham Fabrics. These two events are seemingly completely unrelated. I googled prayer flags so that I could send people a link to see examples of handmade prayer flags. And what popped up was Vivika's Prayer Flag Project blog! We had more in common than we even knew. Both of us love prayer flags. Vivika has been blogging about artful, handmade prayer flags since 2011 here. I am happy to be a part of her blog hop today and so excited to share the prayer flags made by my tribe:

I have a thing for Tibet. (You can read about my long lost Free Tibet t-shirt here.) And I love the spiritual significance of Tibetan prayer flags. We hang them around our house. We make them in my family and I have made prayer flags with the kiddos in my son's school. I even lead prayer flag workshops. The idea of traditional Tibetan prayer flags is that the prayers (and mantras) imbued into the cloth are spread far and wide by the wind.

For my prayer flag request, I explained it this way in the letter to the 20 strangers: "honor the sacred creativity within you. As you work, be filled with love, let your work be like a prayer…for whatever you want…love, joy, peace, anything. Let the creativity move you. Your flag doesn’t have to look like your prayer. It can look like patchwork, art, or a design. But fill it with love from your heart as you work." We'll donate this creation to a special organization afterwards.

I believe in people's inherent, limitless creativity. My brand is built on inspiring people and enabling creativity in many forms. Yet I wasn't prepared for the works of art that started rolling in to my house. When you ask for something from your heart, filled with love, it is astonishing how people show up. I'm not sure what I expected, but what I got was sacred cloth–filled with an unexpected depth, and each one is so unique to its creator. Each one is a work of art all its own. People stepped up. They stepped in. They dug deep. I received a sacred stained glass cathedral window, an African symbol, a Hebrew Chai symbol, etc. I made a Tibetan Eternal Knot symbol. This string of prayer flags is a beautiful reflection of all of these women, all over the country. I am blown away. Thank you to the beautiful women who dug deep and revealed the face of human kindness: Carolyn Miller, Jenny Rekeweg, Rhonda Greenberg, Stacie Barrett, Brooke Sellmann, Cristy Fincher, Melissa Everett, Brittany Burton, Daria J. Sislow, Seema Saraf-Kini, Jayme Christensen, Laurie Christensen, Sharon Margiotta, Christen Barber


If you'd like to make some prayer flags but need some inspiration and ideas, here's a great resource: Quilting Arts has a new 47-page e-book that is a collection of articles called Prayer flags: Make Banners of Hope & Peace from Fabric Scraps and Fibers ($6.99 on the Quilting Daily Shop). For a limited time, you can get a Moda Banner Set with the Prayer Flag e-book from the Quilting Daily Shop for $24.99). The banners are triangular pre-made prayer flags you can decorate as you please, with no sewing necessary!

April 11: 
April 14:   Jane LaFazio  
April 15:   Meg Cox  
April 16:   Deborah O’Hare  
April 17:   Jamie Fingal 
April 17:   Susan Brubaker Knapp 
April 18:   Carrie Bloomston  
Quilting Arts is offering one lucky winner a copy of this cool DVD called Design & Print Your Own Fabric! Leave a comment below by April 21st to be entered to win the giveaway.