Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Day 8 :: Shelly Figueroa & Bonnie Bobman

Last day of our PAINT party...sigh. It has been so fun. Thanks for joining us and playing along.

First up–Shelly know...of Figgy's? She just has an eye. Her children's sewing patterns are wildly sophisticated and savvy, yet really friendly to sew. And she is such a warm and lovely woman. Also, you want to learn a thing or two about branding and telling a good and compelling brand story? Look at her website. Her photography, the styling, the models, the patterns, EVERYTHING about her site is spot-on and gorgeous.

I absolutely love what she chose to sew with PAINT. She made her Ethereal Dress in my Color Wheel print with a ruffle in the Swatches print. It just rocks. See?

I know. (Amazing. Thank you, Shelly!) Enter her giveaway HERE to win a charm pack of PAINT fabric for yourself!

And our last formal stop on the blog hop brings us to the spunky, talented and joyful Bonnie Bobman of Fabrications2b. She is a local. We had a chance to meet at a sewing party to make samples with PAINT and I just love her. She went home after helping to make aprons and totes and her engine kept running! She has made so many fun, creative projects with PAINT including this rather perfect yoga sling (yes, Bonnie, I would most definitely like one!)...

...and these amazing knitting totes that allow you to see everything inside through a clear front which I love...

...go check out her blog HERE to enter the giveaway and get some PAINT to play with.

Oh, and there is one more creation I'd like to share. My mom made this romper for my niece, baby Camille, in my Lotus print and I am in love! My mom doesn't even really sew much but she made this little thing so fast...